Cody x Luna – Litter ‘L’

Cody X Luna - Litter 'L'

Our very first breeding (and most likely the last)! We are proud to present 4 puppies from Cody and Luna. It has been a very busy few months rearing our first litter. A roller coaster ride of emotions. Just gotten some bit of extra time to post this. To the people who helped us and saw these pups grow in these few months, thank you. To Boris, who left us, we hope that you are running free :'(

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Bikejoring around Manila

Bikejoring Essentials

Bikejoring around Manila

Bikejoring around Manila is not that popular here in the Philippines. I’ve started taking bikejoring as a means getting my huskies well exercised throughout the week. I’ve researched the necessary equipment needed for bijekoring and started building stuff which I couldn’t get off any biking or pet store. There will be several items that you would need to either order from the States or actually create via DIY.

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Bringing home a Siberian Husky

Cody's first day at our home.

Bringing home a Siberian Husky

Before you decide to take a puppy home, bear in mind the responsibility that comes in adopting a dog. You are responsible for that dog until he/she passes on. They are not there until you get bored, find a girlfriend or boyfriend, get old, move, or get a new puppy. If you cannot care for a dog up until the point that he/she passes on, then do not get a dog.

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