Dog foods we’ve tried

Dog foods we’ve tried.

We’ve tried several dog foods with Cody before we settled in with what we currently feed both himself and Luna. I guess much of these dog foods already have their own reviews and what-nots over the net. So I guess I’d like to go a different route this time.

Here’s what they probably won’t tell you.

UPDATE: We actually have decided on just one dog food brand now, and we also distribute it. Highly recommended for huskies, check out our store in Shopee.

Choosing the perfect dog food for your Husky

In just a year when we’ve had Cody, we’ve tried given him a lot of variants in dog foods. Because we wanted a bit of balance from what would be good for him, we also wanted what would be good for us (smell-wise). Do note that we lived in a condo before, and when your puppy poops, the smell really depends on the kibbles that your dog eats.

So without further adieu, let me provide you the dog food based on 💩  smell ranking (1 to 5 being the smelliest):

Dog Food Description Rating
  go! Go! Was the very first dog food we ever tried for Cody. We initially liked it. We found that Cody‘s poop smell from when he came from the breeder reduced drastically. Although it still smelled a bit, it wasn’t smelling across the hallway of the building 🙂

What we found odd though was due to it’s low protein content, Cody lost a bit of chunk in him. So we decided to switch.

We also tried doing different variants as we found that the original flavor we tried also gave him allergies. But still a no since he would usually lose a bit of weight on him because of the low protein content. Tried again after a few months, but still not a Go! for us.

Tried: Cody‘s Age 2-3 months and then 7-8 months

 💩🌀🌀🌀🌀 Smells
      totw One of the few good ones I liked actually was Taste of The Wild. It was a bit pricey that time though.  Gave his coat a bit of a shine compared to the others, and also made his poop smell to a minimum as compared to the high protein content ones.

Cody didn’t like it too much. He also lost weight because he never ate much of it until we decided to switch again and it was too late.

Tried: Cody‘s Age 5 months

💩💩🌀🌀🌀 Smells
     royal There was this point in time where Cody would really be picky with what he ate. So we were looking for a dog food that puts weight in your dogs. This was it. We found Royal based on recommendations by Cody‘s breeder. Had him on-and-off this dog food as we were still not convinced that we got the right results from it and it also wasn’t grain-free. But we switched back to this when Luna came into the picture… then switched out again when we had a final decision of what we really found best for our fur-kids.

Tried: Cody‘s Age 6-7 months, 9-10 months and 1 year to 1.5 years

💩💩💩🌀🌀 Smells
   orijen I have to admit we were on-and-off with Orijen, but at the end, we found that it was the best (because of the protein content). We wanted Luna and Cody to look buff. Got them a bit active as well to put that extra muscle on. That was where they got me into bikejoring aside from the regular walks we had. Also had them on treadmills too to speed up the weight gain, which they did 🙂


Tried: Cody‘s Age 3-4 months, 11 months and 1.5 years and onwards…

Here’s a short clip of our bikejoring vid in our Facebook Page:

And then some treadmill vids:

Really Smells!

So there. That’s our list of dry food that our dogs eat. Over time we actually discovered that it won’t be enough as our huskies are really picky eaters. Will be sharing a different post on a stuffs we mix on our pups foods so they don’t get tired of eating the same thing on a daily basis.

Hope you enjoyed the list!

For the time being, here’s Luna getting a massage:



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