About Us

People's Park, December 2015We’re a small startup kennel in Makati, Philippines. And just starting to learn the ropes of being a breeder.

Our story is that I had always wanted to have a husky since I was young. As the usual background goes, I’ve always been in love with the breed, grew up with lots of dogs, and had an uncle who’s profession was a vet that lived right beside our house…

I met Mai when he was consulting for a company in Atlanta, Georgia.

She also loved dogs — which is a plus!

Back in 2014, two years into our relationship, we decided to be proud parents of a husky, Cody.

And the rest is history 🙂

We ❤ the beach and enjoy taking our pack there. We bring them to all sorts of places! So please feel free to browse this site and our Social Media accounts for updates.

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Thank you and good day! 🙂