Raising a Siberian Husky in the Philippines

Raising a Siberian Husky in the Philippines

If you plan on raising a Siberian Husky in the Philippines, we’d be more than happy to help give you “The Breakdown” on what you may expect in  terms of cost for this breed 🙂 For the past years, Game of Thrones, La Luna Sangre and other shows we love, have brought about an increase in  the interest of owning these great dogs. Unfortunately, not all people understand what it takes to actually raise a Siberian Husky. I see people in groups trying to get one for cheap or even asking for others to pity them and give them one for free. Bless these souls who’d probably be giving these puppies good and loving homes. But I for one believe, and this does not apply to all, that if you cannot purchase a husky at minimum price, how is it that you’d be even able to maintain one?

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Bikejoring around Manila

Bikejoring Essentials

Bikejoring around Manila

Bikejoring around Manila is not that popular here in the Philippines. I’ve started taking bikejoring as a means getting my huskies well exercised throughout the week. I’ve researched the necessary equipment needed for bijekoring and started building stuff which I couldn’t get off any biking or pet store. There will be several items that you would need to either order from the States or actually create via DIY.

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