Importing your first dog to Manila

Importing your first dog to Manila

Our first import, Luna, has just arrived in Manila! We had difficulty importing her due to the lack of information we can find over the net. Hopefully this guide will help you in the steps you’d need to take for first timers.

The example below are the steps we took in importing our first puppy from Thailand via Thai Airways on August 2015.


Once you have purchased your dog from your breeder, have the breeder secure:

  • Export Pedigree w/Registration Certificate – to enable to you to convert your puppy’s papers to PCCI
  • Vaccination Records – for BAI
  • Health Certificate – should be 30 days prior. It should certify that the animal is from, and has not been recently exposed to, any dangerous communicable disease,and that it has been given anti-rabies and other required inoculations. Certification must be affixed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Country of Origin. Ministry will affix its apostille or stamp on the document to make it a valid international document.
  • Booking Information – determine details of arrival to the Philippines. This will be required in your Import Permit.

On your end, you would need to secure an Import Permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry either by going to the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) – Animal Health Division at Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. You may view the process here.

Or via online at here.

Download the form at this link here.

We decided to go via the online route which is more convenient. BAI usually replies 1-2 business days with the Import Permit

Luna’s last pic from Thailand (sent by her breeder) 🙂
Luna’s last pic from Thailand (sent by her breeder) 🙂

You will need to present your Import Permit to your breeder for additional requirements on his/her end.

NOTE: NAIA has strict rules in letting people enter into the Customs Arrival Area. If you are expecting to come with a companion on your pet’s arrival, include his/her name in the Import Permit so they can also be allowed entry into the building. Import Permit is also valid for 30 days from your date of request.


Your puppy will be held up in the cargo hold for 30-45mins. after the arrival of your puppy’s aircraft. Before going to the Airport, await the announcement that your puppy has arrived via cellphone (Your details should be provided by your breeder in the Airway Bill) or go directly to PAIR PAGS Cargo Center (situated beside NAIA).

Secure a photocopy of a valid ID and present together with your Import Permit to the Documents Handling Unit (2nd Floor) to retrieve your Airway Bill and the following documents sent by your breeder:

  • Export Pedigree w/Registration Certificate
  • Vaccination Records – for BAI
  • Health Certificate

Secure a copy the following documents:

  • 7 photocopies of your Airway Bill
  • 4 photocopies of your puppy’s Export Pedigree w/Registration Certificate
  • 2 photocopies of your Vaccination Records

Proceed to the Pass Control of NAIA and present your Airway Bill to acquire a Visitor’s Pass (PHP50.00). Enter the Main Arrival Section and retrieve an Informal Import Declaration and Entry and Gate Pass Form (PHP100.00) from the Customs Cashier.

Fill up the Informal Import Declaration and Entry and Gate Pass Forms. Locate the Quarantine Office and submit all documents to acquire a Notice of Quarantine. Once done, proceed to the Customs Office and have all your documents validated. You will then be directed to Customs officer to have your Tax Computed (Tax may vary, we only paid PHP2148.00 for 1 puppy). Once the tax has been computed, proceed to the Customs Cashier and pay for the amount due and get a Customs Receipt.

NOTE: Prior to leaving the Main Arrival Section, ensure that you have acquired the appropriate signatures to all of the documents. I was told that there were instances wherein owners had to shuffle back and forth between buildings because a signature was missing from a document.


Proceed back to the PAIR PAGS Cargo Center and secure a copy of the following documents:

  • 4 photocopies of your Informal Import Declaration and Entry
  • 4 photocopies of your Gate Pass Forms
  • 4 photocopies of your Customs Receipt

Proceed to the claiming area and present your documents for signature.

Our baby having a bit of a snack after her tiring day.
Our baby having a bit of a snack after her tiring day.

Once done, you can now claim your puppy and head home! 🙂

Registering Locally (optional)

An additional step you would need to do, if you feel the need to, is to register your puppy via PCCI.

See this link for the required details and steps here.

Seems we found the right match! :-)
Seems we found the right match! 🙂



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