Pet crates we’ve tried

Pet crates we’ve tried.

We’ve had several questions about our current dog crate and other dog crates that might come in handy with huskies. Here’s a few of the dog crates we’ve used under a year ^_^

Choosing the perfect dog crate for your Husky

In the year that we’ve had Cody, we’ve tried several crates to have him house trained. We never expected him to outgrow the very first crate that we bought for him. Although he got potty trained early, he still had accidents in our condo since he was still young and couldn’t hold his pee or poop. We ended up leashing him whenever we left the building. Leaving us to a few surprises when we came back ^_^

The 2x3ft Crate

2x3ft Dog CrateThe very first crate that we had for him was a 2×3 crate of PetCrate from Cartimar.

We bought this cage for around PHP1.2K when he was 2 months old. The crate only lasted about 2-3weeks since he grew too fast and usually cried and tried, amazingly to escape, when we crated him. He was actually a good boy when we adopted him. He never chewed on any of the furniture, and even slept soundly on his first day in the condo.

For those of you who do not know where Cartimar is, you are missing out. Here’s the GMG link to the map location:”/cartimar+pet+center/@14.5509266,120.9273885,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x3397c96673bc4ac5:0x42c48c4ab8fed12a!2m2!1d120.997429!2d14.550937

The Play Pen

Play PenWe then decided that because he grew too fast and he didn’t want to feel enclosed we bought him a 30″ 8 Panel PetCrate Playpen from Tiendesitas.

We tried all sorts of configurations… from the circle, to the L-shaped one, etc. In the end, we again realized that, that Huskies are great escape artists. Even if the pen was more than thrice his height, he was able to escape.

I can’t remember how much this was though. I think it was around PHP2-3k

For those of you who do not know where the posh Tiendesitas is, here’s the GMG link to the map location:,121.0764523,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3397c80808ab2f13:0xe691f29b7505fd4f

Leashing on the door knob (when we were still living in a condo)

I know this is in no way a crate, but I thought of just including this so you guys can have insights.

Cody the destroyer!
Cody the destroyer!

We finally just decided to leash him to the door whenever we went out. Of course you’ll be left with a few surprises when you came back and he found something to quell his boredom.

Just like a child, never-ever leave anything dangerous near your Husky. At some point he will get bored and might try to reach it — even if you think they can’t since it’s a few inches away, you’d be amazed they will.

As a warning though, it is really not advisable to leave your dogs for prolonged period in a leash if there are elements in the environment that may cause your dog to choke on the leash via his/her collar. You should not leave your Husky leashed with a choker on.

See photo where Cody reached for our pack of Royal Canin and ripped it out of boredom.

The Travel Crate

Comes with a Husky! LOL!We got to try the travel crate that Luna’s breeder used to fly her out to Manila. The good thing about these is, if you got the plastic one, is that it is built to keep your pup in check whenever you leave the house. The plastic sides will ensure that your dog will be cozy and will have limited vision within his/her surroundings. My only issue with this crate is that it doesn’t have appropriations under it for it to be kept clean whenever your dog potties. So if your pup is not potty trained, this crate is very hard to clean.

The 3x5x3.5 Crate

Since Luna came into the picture and we got a bigger place, we decided to buy a crate where the both of them can be crated whenever we left the house.

3x4ft Pet CrateWe bought this PetCrate crate for PHP5k in Cartimar. Cheaper than the aluminum dog crates. It’s a collapsible steel, powder-coated 4 wheeled (w/stopper) dog crate that comes with two trays, plastic matting.

It does seem to have perks if you have a bigger crate even for just one dog. Chicks love ’em big houses.

Let’s see Luna ogling eyes…

Luna, shooting "googly" eyes at Cody because he has a big dog crate
Luna, shooting “googly” eyes at Cody because he has a big dog crate

It must be love! 🙂

PetCrate released a non-collapsible cage before that is a similar size to this cage. It had a partition that allowed you to insert a divider. For people who are considering to breed or would have Huskies of opposite sex, I suggest that you also consider this as this may aid you when your female is already in their mating season.

Hope this article helps out with your quest for your perfect dog crate. Feel free to like, share and send in your comments below 🙂



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